The Great Search for The Lost House Part IV: The Case of the Mistaken Identity!?

So after one hell of a long week, which dragged by so slow a turtle passed us along the way, we finally get “The Call!”

(dum dum dum dum)

I braced myself for the inevitable bad news… biting my lip, clenching my jaw, already heartbroken over words that hadn’t been spoken yet. I just knew it was bad news, horrible news!! I just knew the lady would let out a high pitch witches laugh and belt out…

“Yea, right! Let you buy one of our homes, you must be mistaken!”


To my surprise, the phone call didn’t go this way at all. Infact, the seemingly pleasant voice on the other end was gushing with good news. Starting with, “You may look at the house at your earliest convenience. Just let me know what date is good for you!”….. followed by “Might I add, their is another couple interested in it as well, so if you do like it, you will want to put a deposit down on it…..” (straight to my pockets!)

At this point, she began to over-fill me with information, monthly amounts, square footage, no fence, home owners committee, property tax, bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplace, etc….

(Again, I haven’t even seen the house yet, and now I know more than I may need to!)

So I respectfully intervene with one simple question. One that I thought should have been discussed in the beginning of the call, before figures were thrown out, before square footage was discussed!

“What happened with all the alleged evictions?”

After a long, awkward moment of silence, and a quick “paper-rustling” sound, she replies….

“Oh, that! Yea, I can’t get it taken off, you have to.” ….. (Well duh!) ….. “But you should most definitely follow up on that!” …. (No, really?) ….

Lost in the excitement, however, I didn’t think to follow that with…
“Did you get the dates?”
“Did you check the social security number?”
“What about the alleged addresses? Did you get those?”

I didn’t even think to ask what cleared it all with them. Something made them believe it wasn’t me. I’m sure it wasn’t my good looks and my word alone.

“So was it just A Case of Mistaken Identity afterall?”

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Bring Down Supergirl!

Bring down Supergirl and Butterfly kisses
**and all the other sick and twisted pedofile’s that are after our children!

For those of you unaware as to what I am talking about…
For those of you concerned as to why we should bring them down…
For those of you ignorant (as I too was) to this horrendous site…

Below you will find the answers to all your questions…
Below you will read the introduction to this site…
Below you will find the meaning behind the bring down…

Here is a photo that seems to show the love a mother has for her daughter….seems to be very innocent, doesn’t it? If only that were true. This is the photo Butterfly Kisses uses as their sites icon, motto (if you will). 

Below you will read their introduction, copied from their site, verbatum! It is the words they have chosen. Just to make that clear, so that when you read the words below, you’ll understand that these words were expressed by the same people that chose this sweet, loving photo.

Hello and welcome to “Butterfly Kisses”. This web site is about and for women who are attracted to pre-teen and adolescent girls. Our primary goal is to give women and girls a tool for expressing their feelings and their love about this controversial topic, and to get people to open their minds to ideas about romantic and erotic attraction between women and girls that our society in the past has not been able to discuss openly and rationally. We also want to provide a place where women and girls can express themselves and can learn about their love in an atmosphere where they are encouraged to feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

Obviously, the information presented here is of an open and frank sexual nature and there is no “tap dancing” around sensitive topics. Hopefully, this will actually be a comfort to everyone because it will present “touchy” subject of female childlove to people to think about, without having to be influenced by sex-oppressed media, religion and governments. The topics discussed, articles/essays posted and the stories/poetry written on this site are different from what society’s expectations of women and girls are, and as such this site strives to liberate women and girls from the oppression imposed on their sexuality.

Within the pages of Butterfly Kisses you will find sexual issues and topics of female, and particularly lesbian pedophilia, and some of them will probably make some people uncomfortable. Some people will be pleased and some will be angry. But ALL should make you THINK. Our society needs to learn how to discuss highly controversial subjects without the “knee-jerk” reaction so prevalent today. Many of these topics, if we will just stop over-reacting to them and calmly, rationally think about them, may turn out to be less controversial than we thought. We might even see a side to the issue that we had never considered before, which helps us to better understand the controversy. It is only when

we understand the various sides to an issue and are ready to discuss it calmly and rationally, that we can begin to effectively deal with it.

This web site is divided in several different sections to make it easier for everyone to navigate through its pages. In “Speaking Out” you can read about real life stories and about female desires and love for little girls. You can also do your own research into woman/girl love by exploring our “Media Guide” archives or “Library” where you can find many examples of women’s attraction to little girls, either written in books, painted on canvas or acted out in the movies.

I hope you will enjoy this web site!


Apparently, they aren’t attempting to “tap dance”  (their words, not mine!) around this subject, so why should we?

I can’t stomach the idea that someone, an adult, a mature individual, thinks it is ok to have “erotic” thoughts about a child, a preteen, an adolescent. I can’t imagine someone being able to come up with any reasonable answer for why we as a society should be ok with this.

On this site (Butterfly Kisses), as I see it, they are trying to say that it is ok to feel this way about a child, it is ok to think such thoughts about a child. They are trying to press the issue that this isn’t molestion because these children “think” they are in-love. Yea well, they are just that, CHILDREN, and you are the ADULT! You should know better!!! And since these so-called “ADULTS” don’t know better, then that means it is up to us to protect our young, to fight back in their defense!!!!!

If you don’t want to trust me and take my word for it, you have the link, click it, see for yourself what disgusting, vile things are taking place on this site. You too will then see what has to be done.

With that said, below you will find links to other informational blogs, other mothers that are fighting back, not just against this particular site, but fighting back against all the wrong being done to our children….

Please take a moment to read what they have to say, you never know, you could learn something! You will also find another link to Butterfly Kisses, if you so choose to use it.

Butterfly Kisses
Where woman can go to express their love and erotic thoughts towards children! (SICK)
Click here
or go to

“Child Predators–How much do you really hate what they do” blog
Click here
or go to
“What will You do?”  blog
Click here
or go to

Hunt the Hunters Blog Site
Some people hunt rabbits, some hunt for good deals in the supermarket. Others hunt for children. Not just someone else’s children, but YOUR CHILDREN are hunted. The question is, who are the hunters and what do they look like? And – perhaps more importantly – what can we DO?
Click  here
or go to

PROTECT is a national pro-child, anti-crime membership association.
Click here
or go to

Speaking up and speaking out about laws that need to change
Click here
or go to

“Orange jumpsuits and Couch Jumping Celebrities” blog
for a link to a very special blog. One that is standing up and speaking out, demanding that we fight for the safety of our children. Its contents pertain to Oprah’s quest to see that the government speeds along funding for the the recently passed Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
Click here

or go to

Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act
Click here
or go to

To send a letter to Congress urging demanding the funding process be sped up!
A letter to Congress, speeding up funding
Click here
or go to

With all this in mind, I would like to ask each of you…..
What can we do?
What can you do?
What can I do?

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The fight for our children…What will we do?

The fight for our children!

Click here to read dawn3under4’s most recent post about her fight against child molesters.

Click here to check out her new blog. Where she will lead the fight for us to hunt the hunters.

Click here to join Protect. Below is their personal mission statement (as copied from their site)

“PROTECT is a national pro-child, anti-crime membership association. We are founded on the belief that our first and most sacred obligation as parents, citizens, and members of the human species is the protection of children from harm. We are committed to building a powerful, nonpartisan force for the protection of children from abuse, exploitation and neglect. We believe that this must be done through a determined single-issue focus, a meaningful mainstream agenda and the use of proven modern political strategies.”

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The Skinny Bitch in Me Wants to Kill the Fat Girl You See!

(when you look at me…..)     

 Well not literally. lol.

But the skinny bitch in me is very sick of what she sees when she looks into the mirror. She is very sick of the cottage cheese in more places than needed, donut around the middle with the jelly belly in the center, rump roast in the rear……Its time to clean out the fridge and that is just what I am doing…..

I have always been a big girl. I except that. I also, am not the girl who is looking to drop down to a size 0-5. That isn’t me. I like curves, I like thickness, and I like that I have something for my hubby to hold on to. (He likes it too!)

But being the size I am…… Not so far from just simply thick and delicious…….. Not so far from, “OMG Becky, look at her ass…..” kinda big! ((lol)) I am looking to lose 70 lbs. I have already lost about 35 lbs. maybe more. I have been sick recently so it is possible I dropped a few extra there. Go flu bug! ((Rah Rah Rah))

Really, truley and honestly, I hate exercise!! Like actual exercise. Not the kind from just daily chores or anything like that. I ain’t some kind of freak who never moves. lol. I just hate like putting forth effort to jog, or workout, or pilates, or taebo…or whatever new info-mercial tape is out now. So I am doing more of the, parking further from the store entrance, walking up and down every aisle, not going outta my way to avoid daily exercise, routine. Atleast as far as exercise goes.

Eating. Well I was a big night eater. So I changed that. I don’t eat at night. I try to cook more with the Foreman grill to avoid the fatty greases and stuff. I have always loved vegies and fruits so I am just eating more of those. I hardly eat sweets or sugary stuff because my teeth are sensitive. So that just left my pop addiction.

AHHHHH! Run……That was the hard part. It was like my main artery… oxygen…….I loved pop! Mt.Dew was my thing…..but I left it for Sprite…..that way I could fight the caffeine headaches first and then the addiction itself…..((ahhh, you are thinking….young grasshopper smart….ahhhh!)) So once I was able to get  past the intense pain of my head wanting to explode from the lack of caffeine my body was so use to and thrived on….

I realized I LITERALLY drank 2000+ calories each and everyday in pop alone. Not including if I drank something else or whatever I ate. That alone was equal to if not more than the calories I should intake TOTAL on any given day. WOW! I know… Fat ass, right? (lol) That was alot and it could go on no more. So I just drank the last of what pop I had, kinda like a good bye ceremony or funeral, if you will…. and I made a pack with myself never to buy it. Now every once in awhile I get the taste for it, I won’t deny myself the pleasure of one, but that is few and far between. It has been just about 8 months since I drank it everyday like that. It just doesn’t taste right now, it isn’t as good as it once was. That makes it easier.

It has worked I think, because I did lose 35lbs from something, right? …….Now figuring out how to lose the next 35 lbs, that may be a little harder. lol

So that is where Trunkdumpers… (to the rescue)… came in and saved me from myself……and still they continue to make my weight loss fun, exciting, and successful……

Its easier to accomplish with them in my corner. 

Like at my daughters birthday party…..CAKE!…. I love cake!…..Fat girls always love cake, why cake? …..Aww man!…….

But I turned to Trunkdumpers for support and together as a united group, they came through and rented the crane that pulled my big trunk away from the table just in time. (lol)

When the Motivation was gone, Trunkdumpers was there!


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Scared of Nothing and Everything all at once!

*originally posted on Cafemom 

I am scared of nothing and everything all at the same time…..Unbelievable, right?…Wrong! Let me explain.

~I am not scared of anyone in particular, no one intimidates me because I am a strong woman who can hold my own……I know this, because life has taught me this…… (Plus, I have two big scary, older brothers and a mean looking ol’ man who say so!….hehehe)……Yet, if my car broke down in a bad part of town on a dark and stormy night. and you (no matter looks, race, sex, origin, income) came walking up from outta nowhere, Hell yea that would scare me!

~Just like the dark, in particular, isn’t a scary thing for me. Yet, you fill the crisp silence of a dark night with one little thump…bump….peep, my mind will take over, I will hear things that aren’t there and then…..then…….I will completely (and quickly) cover my entire body, feet, and head with the covers on my bed….because why you wonder? I am a true believer that if I lay perfectly still and don’t make a sound, the boogeyman will not realize that there is a funny shaped lump in the bed and instead will just go scare the kids. ((lol)) Terrible I know.

~Bugs, spiders, and things that have more legs than they need….Yea, they don’t seem scary…Come on, I know I am bigger than them…..Yea, sure….sounds good……Until one of them is found on me…..this is cause for sheer and utter panic…..Nothing legible will leave my lips, only high pitch squeals not even understood by the dogs, and screams of undeniable terror fill the air around me…….Not to mention if a bug/spider is not just on me, but in my hair…..OMG! I would just freeze with fear, screaming…..Thank goodness this kind of stuff only happens when someone is there to rescue me from what seems like an Attack of the 50ft Spider kinda thing.

~I too, have all the normal and really scary fears that others have, the heavier ones we are all scared of….losing our children…… End of the world….. World Domination by Pinky and the Brain ……..but I wanted to keep this light and funny, not so heavy.

~So there are some of my fears. Only a few. In reality, I have so many little quirky ones that I could have been writing for hours. =)

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The Conceiving of the Un-conceivable baby.

*originally posted on Cafemom 

We have wanted another baby for 5 years now, no luck. Let me explain…..

I have a 9 yr old and my hubby has a 10 and 12 yr old. We got together 7 yrs ago and almost immediately became pregnant. About 2 months along we found out I was pregnant and only four short weeks later, my 3 month mark, we miscarried. It was so horrible.

The doctors said the baby quit growing at 4 weeks along and my body went 12 weeks. Which meant, when we found out I was pregnant, the baby was already gone.

It just tore me up so bad. I had just gotten to the point where having the baby made me happy. Not that it always didn’t, but we just hadn’t been together long when we found out, so it scared me alittle. I wasn’t sure I was even ready for another baby. (Brianna was only 2)

Anyways, here we were, devastated about this miscarriage. It almost tore us apart. The depression I went through while longing for a baby that was no more, the mood swings I had while trying to regain my composure and move on, the feelings of anger I harbored against myself, against him, even against all the doctors. It took me so long to get over the feelings that consumed me. I gained about 80lbs. Which I have still been unable to lose. (I have lost 35lbs recently. Woo hoo!) I slept all the time…day and night, cried alot….over just about anything, it was just a really bad ordeal all the way around.

But we made it. We survived it and it made us stronger, closer, more in love with each other. But, oh how we longed for a baby. A child we could share with each other, bond over, raise together. It is just something we felt (and still feel) we were lacking.

I love his girls and I know he loves mine. He has raised her as his own most of her life. But I want….I need….to share that with him. I didn’t get the opportunity to experience sharing it with someone. Don’t get me wrong, I did have family and friends, of course, to help me through it. But no one special, no one I loved, no one that…..I don’t know…..


Now I have this emptiness….this hole inside of me I can’t seem to fill. No matter what we do, no baby. No matter how hard we try, no baby. No matter how much we pray, no baby.

Now given, we are not rich folk, we don’t have money to throw around on fertility test, drugs, special physicians, ect. But the things we can do, we have. Or atleast the ones we have knowledge of.

See, I have medicaid. Which, in the state of Indiana, means: “We will not help you conceive another child you can’t afford.”  But of course, we will do what we can to keep you healthy. Which did come in handy, I must admit.


When I was a teen, and first began my menstrual, I was quite heavy. So it was never normal or on track. However, at 16 I lost about 80-90lbs. and it became normal. It stayed that way for awhile, atleast while I kept the weight off. But, once the weight came back, the periods went whack. (lol)

So anyways, because of the periods, or lack there of, the doctors were able to check some things. Don’t get me wrong, they couldn’t do any fertility test, but they could check blood work, paps, pelvics, hormone levels, etc…to make sure I was healthy…….

So, all my levels came back normal, blood work was good, pelvics and paps went great, without a smidgen of problems. One doctor even stated (quite proudly I might add) that I had a remarkable uterus. (Mmm, ok! What the hell does that mean and should I feel violated? lol)

They couldn’t find anything at all wrong with me……..”WHAT?”…..I asked myself. How can that be? How can they say nothing is wrong with me? Something must be wrong if I can’t conceive.

Their answer: ….Well it must be my weight!!! That has to be it……Now I realize I am a big girl, I know this, I can see in the mirror. But come on, I have known, seen, and heard of women much, much bigger than me who have conceived and had children. Seriously people. Come one now.

So what that meant, in laments terms, we don’t know what the hell the problem is or what the hell is wrong with you, but we can’t say that so, “You’re just too damn fat!”

Ok, so on with this story… hubby, poor hubby…..we can’t afford for him to have his count tested. So he worries it is him. But how can that be when he has children?…. Now I have heard that there are home kits you can use to test it…. but Ewww! …. lol …. However, at this point it is whatever we can do.

On to other things we have done to try to conceive…..We have had unprotected (monogamous) sex for  7 years. We don’t use lubricants, because we have heard it can sometimes kill off the sperm or prevent conception. As silly as it sounds, we have tried the legs in the air afterwards idea, every position heard of by man, twice a day, even tried to watch and understand the change in my cervical mucus….(what a weird and nasty thing to do. lol) But with no luck.

Now here we are… still struggling to Conceive the Un-conceivable baby! With no end in sight!!

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Our Children, Our Quest!

Our children can’t fight for themselves….. Our children can’t protect theirselves…..

So if we don’t protect them, who will?

It is time we stand up and rally for the safety and protection of our children. There isn’t an excuse for the things that have been allowed to happen to our innocent youth…the atrocities they have suffered by the hands of others.

What if it was your child? Wouldn’t you want someone to speak up?

Click here  or Click here for a link to a very special blog. One that is standing up and speaking out, demanding that we fight for the safety of our children. Its contents pertain to Oprah’s quest to see that the government speeds along funding for the the recently passed Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. *Thanks to Courtney (TheOnlyThing) for this great blog!

Click here to read a very touching post about this issue from a mother just like yourself. Read her words carefully and let them sink in, for they carry some very important information and contain some very helpful links.
*Thanks to dawn3under4 for such a great blog.

Click here for another great blog, with helpful links, and statistics. This is where the awareness started. It also contains information about Oprah’s quest to see that the government speeds along funding for the the recently passed Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
*Thanks to Rocky (Muthahood) for this great blog!

Click here, to take a moment and send a letter to Congress encouraging  demanding that the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act be fully funded and in place TODAY.
*Thanks to Oprah for this great blog. (Quoted by TheOnlyThing)

Speak up and Speak out NOW. Demand our children get the protection they deserve.

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The Great Search for the Lost House Part III: The Case of the Stolen Identity!!

You wouldn’t think things could have gotten any worse. Seriously, what else could possibly go wrong? …. (Sigh)


So here we sit, two weeks after this whole mess started, and we are no closer to a home than we were when we began, we aren’t any less confused than we were when we started, infact, the only thing that has changed is the stress level of our household!

Just when we thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, it did!

The “realtor” finally returns our calls and emails, only for us to find out…The worst thing anyone could ever possibly hear, at the worst possible moment ever for it to happen!…..

Apparently someone has stolen my identity. Yes, you heard me right, MY IDENTITY!!!

Can you imagine?

You work hard at building your credit, you pay bills you can’t afford to pay, and eat shit you didn’t want or even like because you didn’t have money for anything else….then what happens? Some loser, some good-for nothing loser….who has probably already ruined their own credit, begins screwing with yours!!

Come to find out…. I, who have lived in only two houses my entire adult life, three including my parents home…..Have 14…. Count them….. 14 Evictions on my credit. (What?) (Not Possible!)

14 Evictions??

I have never been evicted from one place, let alone 14!

The crazy part?

Yea, all 14 evictions have appeared only in the past 6 months! Think about that for a moment!!! Do you realize, I would have had to get evicted more than twice a month to equal 14 in 6 months?! How the hell is that even possible? Is it even feasible?


So yet again, we have found another bump in the road to trip over… another rut in the street to fall in….. another detour sign along our way to stray us off our path and only created to get us lost!


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The Great Search for the Lost House Part II: The Long Wait

Ok, so we’ve all been there….

Looking for your dream home in a pile full of  “I don’t think so” and “Were they for real?” which is after trudging through the “You can’t be serious!” and “How much did they want for that shack?”…..

We finally find this gorgeous 3 bedroom ranch home in a quiet little housing edition, on a dead end cul-de-sac, in a great school district, and surrounded by some of the nicest neighbors anyone could ask for. Seriously this house has the perfect location! Not too mention it is one of very few places that accept pets! (Which I have two big, cuddly pups!)

We take the appropriate steps in contacting the correct people. Which included the all-too-young, working for her daddy, doesn’t really need the money to give a damn, realtor who would answer each and every thing I said with “Mmm, kay!” …..
“I was calling about your lease to own program”..”Mmm, kay”…
“I wanted to get the appropriate forms”…”Mmm, kay”…
“I would like to look at a specific house”….”Mmm, kay”….

(Give me a freakin’ break lady, we are new to this and would like some sort of guidance….Sheesh!)

We printed, filled out, and faxed back all of the appropriate paperwork needed to move. Including, but not limited to, two copies each: Rental Application, Landlord Verification, and Employment Verification. Which might I add, some of the paperwork was pointless.

What is the reasoning in having our landlord fill out two of the exact same documents for the exact same place, when we have both lived here together all these years?….What is the reasoning in having me print out an Employment Verification form for myself when I clearly stated I did not work? And why the hell are we even filling out paperwork when we can’t even get you up here to show us the damn house?…..

So after one full week of waiting (after being told it would take a mere 3 days) I have yet again emailed her wondering about the progress. Now after two emails, a few phone calls, and all the paper work faxed… we have yet to get a return call from this place.


So I figure, I will give it until Friday before burning her phone line up with eager calls. (I am good at that!) And believe me, the last thing she wants is me unhappy on the other line. (lol)

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The Great Search For The Lost House: The Beginning!

The Great Search for the lost house

Emotions were running high, stress and tension filled the air like the musky old smell of the drunken hobo, who always asked for some coins as you passed.

The car was closing in quickly on me, the space feeling smaller and smaller. There was nowhere to run, no retreat insight. The argument was coming to a head, there was no stopping it by this point. All we could hope for was the grace of God to shut him up before he spewed anymore vile words upon us that he couldn’t take back. 

“I hope you brought your boots, because the shit is running deep today!!”

Now by this point, I know you’re all wondering what the hell I am talking about. What my very point may be. So let me go back to where it all started. To the very moment that led to all of this and bring you up to speed.

Unknowingly, last Saturday night, I sat at this very same computer checking my mail before heading to bed, not knowing what those next crucial moments held in store for me.

So as I sent that last email and was just about to sign off…I received a call that would be a slap in the face. There were family discrepancies going on and I now had a few short weeks to find a house and move.

Panic set in. What would we do? The money we had planned to buy a second car with (a much needed second car) and new furniture (for the first time in 7 years) we now had to put on a house. A house we had no idea where to find.

We financially were stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Although we could financially make it, my dear hubby has no credit. Not bad credit, not derogatory credit, just no credit. You wouldn’t think that would be a problem! Come to find out, it is a BIG problem!

No credit is worse than bad credit. Surprise, surprise!

No one cares that I have excellent credit, it doesn’t matter. I do not have income therefore my credit is null and void pretty much. 

So here we are. Having to except that now we must rent or lease a house instead of buying. Which was a major jab at both our prides. The dear ol’ hubbies, especially.

Excepting failure is never easy!

Now we sit, in what now seems like much too small of a car, bickering back and forth. Over nothing important, just meaningless little stuff. Voices are beginning to escalate, the tones are beginning to base… (Which I must say now, isn’t what I wanted.) But inevitable to say the least.

Words are starting to be thrown, harsh comments are now being made, accusations are being slung left and right. Yet what brings my car to a screeching hault? What were the words spoken that made me cringe with shear anger? What was it that ate through me like an acid spill on human flesh?

“If it wasn’t for your mom, none of this would be going on!”

Even now, thinking back to the moment in order to write this blog, I become angry all over. Like my mother can be blamed for our misfortune. Sheesh!

What did he think he would solve by saying that? What did he think he would accomplish by uttering such words? Did he think that I would just say, “You’re so right honey, let’s burn the bitch at the stake!”

My mother may have some bearing on why we decided to move, but I beg him to explain where she played a part in his lack of credit! Or where she is hindering us on finding a place to move!

So at this point, after a long moment in silence. I look at him with my closest impression of the “eat shit and die” look and I say in a clear and calm, but very hateful tone, “The Great Search for the Lost House is over! We are going home!!”

Needless to say, his stay in the dog house hasn’t been a pleasant one!

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