I Think I Missed My Generation.

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There just isn’t another way to put it! I really missed my generation. I look around at people today, neighborhoods today, schools today…..and I wonder…what happen to the simpler times? Where did they go and how will we ever get them back? Is it even possible anymore to resurrect them?

I wonder if there are any other good parents out there, truly good parents. The kind that love their kids more than their own lives and put them before all else. The kind of parents that instill values, morals, and the sense of a hard days pay into their children because they want more for them in the future than what they had in the past.

I would lay my life down for my child without a moments hesitation, without a second thought, without notice. But yet, I question whether I am as good of a parent as I believe myself to be. I think to myself, “Am I doing this right at all?” And then I simply *sigh*….and say….”Ok where is the handbook, the instructions?” lol. Wouldn’t that be great. A quick index to reference to when in need of some fast and dependable advice. How easy that would make motherhood and life in general, to have a handy dandy “Moms guide to a good kid and everything else there is to know” book…… But we all know it isn’t like that at all. Things aren’t that easy, and it seems as generations go, things only get worse for our children! I can’t help but ponder over the thought of “Why?” Where did we lose sight that our children are the most important and intelligent creatures in the world? They learn from our wins and losses, our love and hate. We teach them how to be the person they are becoming, and then get mad when we don’t like the results we see. Who’s fault is that?

Now see, I started thinking about this when I come across a great black and white picture of someones Christmas long ago…..It really just made me think about how nice it must have been to raise your children in those days. Back when everyone knew everyone, everyone knew who you belong to and if you messed up, ol’ Mr. Johnson would walk your little butt straight home and let your father know you had just busted out that window and tell him how he should tan your hide …..or…. Mr. Smith at the corner store, who made you work off that penny cent piece of gum he caught you stealing the other day. Not because of the value of money it had, it wasn’t that much, but because of the lesson it would teach you.

The kind of times when there were no XBOX 360’s for our spoiled ass kids to demand for Christmas, No $30 Bratz Dollz for our daughters to throw tantrums over in the stores, No Too-Damn-Big Flat Screen TV’s for our husbands to hint around about wanting, even though your living room isn’t big enough and it is more TV than anyone needs anyways…….The times before we had all become so selfish and self centered….before everything had to come in bigger sizes, larger quantities, and more styles just to satisfy everyone. Before things had to move faster, go faster, seem faster, just so our impatient asses could get there quicker, go there faster, ….

Back before people had to watch there every word said, or idea spoken. Before we all became so easily offended by someones opinion or belief. When you could speak your mind freely amongst others and simply just have a discussion instead of fuming arguments. When you could express opinions openly without the worry of what could happen later. When you could take beautiful pictures and show them off, without someone judging them, or degrading them with the words spoken.

Back when there weren’t children shooting up schools and society blaming it on the music they listened to. When in-fact the blame falls onto the shoulders of the parents, teachers, and mentors of these very children…..Who let them get so far off track, so far from reality…..that they have done something so unspeakable, inhumane, unbelievable…..that it sends shockwaves across the nation. It falls upon the shoulders of the people who saw that child acting out, asking for help, and did nothing because it wasn’t their job, or their fault, or they just didn’t have enough time to be bothered.

I assure you, it wasn’t the Marilyn Manson cd they were listening to, the GTA game they were playing, or the new horror movie they watched….It simply falls back to the way they were raised, with a few exceptions, I do agree. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good of a parent you were, how attentive you were, or how often you were there. And I realize that. But I speak from experience when I say I love Marilyn Manson’s music, have played every GTA game put out, and watch all the horror movies I can. Yet, i have never stabbed a fellow student, shot up my school, killed my parents, or anything else remotely close to that.

What happen to the days when our children settled their battles with their words or even fist instead of shootings, drivebys, and stabbings. When the biggest problem our daughters had were getting on the cheer leading squad and who will ask them to the prom, instead of STD’s, Pregnancy, and Heartbreak….Not to mention quitting school or flunking out, whichever came first….Dead end jobs and minimum wage…If they even have a job. And most likely raisng their children on their own because the dad is in prison.

What happened? Did society as a whole deteriorate so far, that we have let our children down, each other down, and ourselves down? What happened to the morals and values we were raised with so long ago, did they just die off? What happened to raising our children with respect so that once they grew up they would know how to act around civilized people?… Instead of crazy little monkeys swinging from chandeliers and breaking expensive vases. Where did the “Yes Ma’am and No Sir’s ” go…..When did we quit sitting down to dinner together at the dining table instead of in-front of the TV watching another rerun?……

With this, I add….I know in each of you whether you agree or not….this makes you think of that little kid at the store the other day that was screaming at his mother and just acting a fool, but could his mother control him….NO! Society was watching and she didn’t want to hear the whispers and see the stares……This also reminds you……Of all the tragic shootings in our school systems recently because Little Billy couldn’t handle the kids remarks about his weight, where he came from, or what he looks like…It especially reminds you ……Of how gang crime seems to stay steady even though local enforcements promise it is at an all time low. really? Explain that to the little girl that just lost her dad to a bullet because he tried to leave his former life and go straight, just to be her daddy.

I guess I just missed out on the days when kids were able to play outside without the utter fear of someone taking them, when going to the movies in groups was as close as our teens got to a dating, and being at school never ended with you losing your life to a crazed student with a gun and a mission.

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