The Great Search For The Lost House: The Beginning!

The Great Search for the lost house

Emotions were running high, stress and tension filled the air like the musky old smell of the drunken hobo, who always asked for some coins as you passed.

The car was closing in quickly on me, the space feeling smaller and smaller. There was nowhere to run, no retreat insight. The argument was coming to a head, there was no stopping it by this point. All we could hope for was the grace of God to shut him up before he spewed anymore vile words upon us that he couldn’t take back. 

“I hope you brought your boots, because the shit is running deep today!!”

Now by this point, I know you’re all wondering what the hell I am talking about. What my very point may be. So let me go back to where it all started. To the very moment that led to all of this and bring you up to speed.

Unknowingly, last Saturday night, I sat at this very same computer checking my mail before heading to bed, not knowing what those next crucial moments held in store for me.

So as I sent that last email and was just about to sign off…I received a call that would be a slap in the face. There were family discrepancies going on and I now had a few short weeks to find a house and move.

Panic set in. What would we do? The money we had planned to buy a second car with (a much needed second car) and new furniture (for the first time in 7 years) we now had to put on a house. A house we had no idea where to find.

We financially were stuck in between a rock and a hard place. Although we could financially make it, my dear hubby has no credit. Not bad credit, not derogatory credit, just no credit. You wouldn’t think that would be a problem! Come to find out, it is a BIG problem!

No credit is worse than bad credit. Surprise, surprise!

No one cares that I have excellent credit, it doesn’t matter. I do not have income therefore my credit is null and void pretty much. 

So here we are. Having to except that now we must rent or lease a house instead of buying. Which was a major jab at both our prides. The dear ol’ hubbies, especially.

Excepting failure is never easy!

Now we sit, in what now seems like much too small of a car, bickering back and forth. Over nothing important, just meaningless little stuff. Voices are beginning to escalate, the tones are beginning to base… (Which I must say now, isn’t what I wanted.) But inevitable to say the least.

Words are starting to be thrown, harsh comments are now being made, accusations are being slung left and right. Yet what brings my car to a screeching hault? What were the words spoken that made me cringe with shear anger? What was it that ate through me like an acid spill on human flesh?

“If it wasn’t for your mom, none of this would be going on!”

Even now, thinking back to the moment in order to write this blog, I become angry all over. Like my mother can be blamed for our misfortune. Sheesh!

What did he think he would solve by saying that? What did he think he would accomplish by uttering such words? Did he think that I would just say, “You’re so right honey, let’s burn the bitch at the stake!”

My mother may have some bearing on why we decided to move, but I beg him to explain where she played a part in his lack of credit! Or where she is hindering us on finding a place to move!

So at this point, after a long moment in silence. I look at him with my closest impression of the “eat shit and die” look and I say in a clear and calm, but very hateful tone, “The Great Search for the Lost House is over! We are going home!!”

Needless to say, his stay in the dog house hasn’t been a pleasant one!

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  1. Funny, I went straight from ‘no credit’ to ‘bad credit’. Somehow, I managed to bypass that happy little land between the two altogether. Lucky me.

    Have you looked into owner financing? You can usually get into a house for under two grand that way… Good luck, honey!!!

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