To Fly or Not to Fly: That is the question!

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to fly or not to fly: that is the question

Well flying refers to alot of things when you really think about it. Airplanes, Hot Air Balloons, Birds, Helicopters, ect…Even sky diving could be considered a form of flying, you are suspended in the air, high up, for a moment in time…….So really I guess it depends on what you are refering to, for me to decide how I feel about it.

Like, being a bird would be awesome. (I think) Because you could soar over mountains, oceans, deserts, ect…..there would be no limit to how far you could go, how high you could soar, or how fast you could fly. There would be no congestion, I wouldn’t think, since there aren’t as many birds in the skys as assholes on the interstates (Sorry, potty mouth this morning)….BUT then there would also be the excess hair that covered most of your body, eating gooie worms for dinner and regurgitating them for your young (Eww!) , not being able to wipe after poo-ing (which in itself is Gross!), and of course the little lice (laos) bugs that you would be infested with, which would drive me absolutey nutts. (Itchy now!)…So over all I guess in realty, I wouldn’t really want to be a damn bird. lol

Hot Air Balloons, well they seem cool. I have never been in one, but I am sure it is a form of flying as well. Considering you are in the air (Hence, hot AIR balloon) and not on the ground….You would see beautiful scenery, not go too high, and and be limited on distance. Which could be good or bad, depending on what you were looking for. But atleast when flying got tiredsome, you could just land and be a non flyer again. Unlike the bird, which will forever be a flying entity.

Aiplanes (helicopters, or any other form of this), No Way!!!! Not for me. I didn’t do airplanes before 9/11…(R.I.P. All the American souls we lost that tragic day)…….when they fell outta the sky by accident or due to mechanical failure…but now people make huge, steel, fuel cans…. plummit to the ground in big fiery crashes. So no thank you!!! If this is the only way I will ever be able to fly, then I guess flying wasn’t meant for me. If it was, I would have wings attached to my body, that I controlled…..

Skydiving, well it sounds fun and is probably a great adrenaline rush and addiction. But for me, I don’t like the idea of “no strings attached”….lol….I am more the person who needs some sort of security or guarantee, and with this crazy little stunt, there are none of neither. It is just you and …… well…….. You!…You have to depend your entire life, well being, future…. on the bag on your back that may or may not open and may or may not have a good parachute in it………Hell No! I would be the crazy lady who couldn’t even get on the plane (refer to my last paragragh), there would be no way if I did get on it, that you could get me to agree to get ((jump)) out of it while thousands of feet from the ground, which might I add, will “Hurt Like Hell” when you hit…..So again, No thank you! Not for me.

Well these are all the ways my tired, groggy brain could think of in the early morning, that include ways to fly or things that give you the capabilities or illusions of flying. Enjoy!

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