The Great Search for the Lost House Part II: The Long Wait

Ok, so we’ve all been there….

Looking for your dream home in a pile full of  “I don’t think so” and “Were they for real?” which is after trudging through the “You can’t be serious!” and “How much did they want for that shack?”…..

We finally find this gorgeous 3 bedroom ranch home in a quiet little housing edition, on a dead end cul-de-sac, in a great school district, and surrounded by some of the nicest neighbors anyone could ask for. Seriously this house has the perfect location! Not too mention it is one of very few places that accept pets! (Which I have two big, cuddly pups!)

We take the appropriate steps in contacting the correct people. Which included the all-too-young, working for her daddy, doesn’t really need the money to give a damn, realtor who would answer each and every thing I said with “Mmm, kay!” …..
“I was calling about your lease to own program”..”Mmm, kay”…
“I wanted to get the appropriate forms”…”Mmm, kay”…
“I would like to look at a specific house”….”Mmm, kay”….

(Give me a freakin’ break lady, we are new to this and would like some sort of guidance….Sheesh!)

We printed, filled out, and faxed back all of the appropriate paperwork needed to move. Including, but not limited to, two copies each: Rental Application, Landlord Verification, and Employment Verification. Which might I add, some of the paperwork was pointless.

What is the reasoning in having our landlord fill out two of the exact same documents for the exact same place, when we have both lived here together all these years?….What is the reasoning in having me print out an Employment Verification form for myself when I clearly stated I did not work? And why the hell are we even filling out paperwork when we can’t even get you up here to show us the damn house?…..

So after one full week of waiting (after being told it would take a mere 3 days) I have yet again emailed her wondering about the progress. Now after two emails, a few phone calls, and all the paper work faxed… we have yet to get a return call from this place.


So I figure, I will give it until Friday before burning her phone line up with eager calls. (I am good at that!) And believe me, the last thing she wants is me unhappy on the other line. (lol)

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