Scared of Nothing and Everything all at once!

*originally posted on Cafemom 

I am scared of nothing and everything all at the same time…..Unbelievable, right?…Wrong! Let me explain.

~I am not scared of anyone in particular, no one intimidates me because I am a strong woman who can hold my own……I know this, because life has taught me this…… (Plus, I have two big scary, older brothers and a mean looking ol’ man who say so!….hehehe)……Yet, if my car broke down in a bad part of town on a dark and stormy night. and you (no matter looks, race, sex, origin, income) came walking up from outta nowhere, Hell yea that would scare me!

~Just like the dark, in particular, isn’t a scary thing for me. Yet, you fill the crisp silence of a dark night with one little thump…bump….peep, my mind will take over, I will hear things that aren’t there and then…..then…….I will completely (and quickly) cover my entire body, feet, and head with the covers on my bed….because why you wonder? I am a true believer that if I lay perfectly still and don’t make a sound, the boogeyman will not realize that there is a funny shaped lump in the bed and instead will just go scare the kids. ((lol)) Terrible I know.

~Bugs, spiders, and things that have more legs than they need….Yea, they don’t seem scary…Come on, I know I am bigger than them…..Yea, sure….sounds good……Until one of them is found on me…..this is cause for sheer and utter panic…..Nothing legible will leave my lips, only high pitch squeals not even understood by the dogs, and screams of undeniable terror fill the air around me…….Not to mention if a bug/spider is not just on me, but in my hair…..OMG! I would just freeze with fear, screaming…..Thank goodness this kind of stuff only happens when someone is there to rescue me from what seems like an Attack of the 50ft Spider kinda thing.

~I too, have all the normal and really scary fears that others have, the heavier ones we are all scared of….losing our children…… End of the world….. World Domination by Pinky and the Brain ……..but I wanted to keep this light and funny, not so heavy.

~So there are some of my fears. Only a few. In reality, I have so many little quirky ones that I could have been writing for hours. =)

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  1. One word….MICE!!

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