The Skinny Bitch in Me Wants to Kill the Fat Girl You See!

(when you look at me…..)     

 Well not literally. lol.

But the skinny bitch in me is very sick of what she sees when she looks into the mirror. She is very sick of the cottage cheese in more places than needed, donut around the middle with the jelly belly in the center, rump roast in the rear……Its time to clean out the fridge and that is just what I am doing…..

I have always been a big girl. I except that. I also, am not the girl who is looking to drop down to a size 0-5. That isn’t me. I like curves, I like thickness, and I like that I have something for my hubby to hold on to. (He likes it too!)

But being the size I am…… Not so far from just simply thick and delicious…….. Not so far from, “OMG Becky, look at her ass…..” kinda big! ((lol)) I am looking to lose 70 lbs. I have already lost about 35 lbs. maybe more. I have been sick recently so it is possible I dropped a few extra there. Go flu bug! ((Rah Rah Rah))

Really, truley and honestly, I hate exercise!! Like actual exercise. Not the kind from just daily chores or anything like that. I ain’t some kind of freak who never moves. lol. I just hate like putting forth effort to jog, or workout, or pilates, or taebo…or whatever new info-mercial tape is out now. So I am doing more of the, parking further from the store entrance, walking up and down every aisle, not going outta my way to avoid daily exercise, routine. Atleast as far as exercise goes.

Eating. Well I was a big night eater. So I changed that. I don’t eat at night. I try to cook more with the Foreman grill to avoid the fatty greases and stuff. I have always loved vegies and fruits so I am just eating more of those. I hardly eat sweets or sugary stuff because my teeth are sensitive. So that just left my pop addiction.

AHHHHH! Run……That was the hard part. It was like my main artery… oxygen…….I loved pop! Mt.Dew was my thing…..but I left it for Sprite…..that way I could fight the caffeine headaches first and then the addiction itself…..((ahhh, you are thinking….young grasshopper smart….ahhhh!)) So once I was able to get  past the intense pain of my head wanting to explode from the lack of caffeine my body was so use to and thrived on….

I realized I LITERALLY drank 2000+ calories each and everyday in pop alone. Not including if I drank something else or whatever I ate. That alone was equal to if not more than the calories I should intake TOTAL on any given day. WOW! I know… Fat ass, right? (lol) That was alot and it could go on no more. So I just drank the last of what pop I had, kinda like a good bye ceremony or funeral, if you will…. and I made a pack with myself never to buy it. Now every once in awhile I get the taste for it, I won’t deny myself the pleasure of one, but that is few and far between. It has been just about 8 months since I drank it everyday like that. It just doesn’t taste right now, it isn’t as good as it once was. That makes it easier.

It has worked I think, because I did lose 35lbs from something, right? …….Now figuring out how to lose the next 35 lbs, that may be a little harder. lol

So that is where Trunkdumpers… (to the rescue)… came in and saved me from myself……and still they continue to make my weight loss fun, exciting, and successful……

Its easier to accomplish with them in my corner. 

Like at my daughters birthday party…..CAKE!…. I love cake!…..Fat girls always love cake, why cake? …..Aww man!…….

But I turned to Trunkdumpers for support and together as a united group, they came through and rented the crane that pulled my big trunk away from the table just in time. (lol)

When the Motivation was gone, Trunkdumpers was there!


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  1. I’m having trouble kicking the Mt. Dew, too! If I don’t have something caffeinated in the mornings I end up with a splitting headache. I wish the diet stuff didn’t taste like pee.:)

  2. I’m with you on the excercise thing. Never met an excercise I liked. So like you I incorporated it into my lifestyle. Walk to the station every morning to catch the train. Walk up the escalators nstead of riding them etc.
    Sounds like you’re doing your weight loss in a sustainable way and 35 lbs is pretty impressive.
    You go girl!!

  3. pohlse I hate diet pop. ick!

    Karen Thats what I did, lifestyle changes little by
    little. I still have tons to lose, but I am on
    the way to the thinner, skinnier, me. lol

  4. Soda is the hardest thing to let go of. Have you tried buying those crystal light small packets to dump in water bottles? It’s a good transitional drink until you can live only on juice, milk, and water alone. I’m so proud of you for giving up pop!!!

  5. Well it has been officially 2 yrs since I kicked the pop addiction. Thanks for all the support. =D

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