The Great Search for The Lost House Part IV: The Case of the Mistaken Identity!?

So after one hell of a long week, which dragged by so slow a turtle passed us along the way, we finally get “The Call!”

(dum dum dum dum)

I braced myself for the inevitable bad news… biting my lip, clenching my jaw, already heartbroken over words that hadn’t been spoken yet. I just knew it was bad news, horrible news!! I just knew the lady would let out a high pitch witches laugh and belt out…

“Yea, right! Let you buy one of our homes, you must be mistaken!”


To my surprise, the phone call didn’t go this way at all. Infact, the seemingly pleasant voice on the other end was gushing with good news. Starting with, “You may look at the house at your earliest convenience. Just let me know what date is good for you!”….. followed by “Might I add, their is another couple interested in it as well, so if you do like it, you will want to put a deposit down on it…..” (straight to my pockets!)

At this point, she began to over-fill me with information, monthly amounts, square footage, no fence, home owners committee, property tax, bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplace, etc….

(Again, I haven’t even seen the house yet, and now I know more than I may need to!)

So I respectfully intervene with one simple question. One that I thought should have been discussed in the beginning of the call, before figures were thrown out, before square footage was discussed!

“What happened with all the alleged evictions?”

After a long, awkward moment of silence, and a quick “paper-rustling” sound, she replies….

“Oh, that! Yea, I can’t get it taken off, you have to.” ….. (Well duh!) ….. “But you should most definitely follow up on that!” …. (No, really?) ….

Lost in the excitement, however, I didn’t think to follow that with…
“Did you get the dates?”
“Did you check the social security number?”
“What about the alleged addresses? Did you get those?”

I didn’t even think to ask what cleared it all with them. Something made them believe it wasn’t me. I’m sure it wasn’t my good looks and my word alone.

“So was it just A Case of Mistaken Identity afterall?”

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  1. Watch out for that home owners committee, they can be a mixed bag at best… After the president of our HOC approved some of the most bizarre rules I’ve ever seen he (and most of the rest of the committee) got caught embezzling our dues. Now our HOC is run by an out of state managment company, if you can believe that. 😦

  2. I am really sorry to hear that. I sure hope it don’t turn out like that for us. =(

    Thanks for the great comment and helpful info. =)

  3. That is helpful info.

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