The Great Search for the Lost House Part III: The Case of the Stolen Identity!!

You wouldn’t think things could have gotten any worse. Seriously, what else could possibly go wrong? …. (Sigh)


So here we sit, two weeks after this whole mess started, and we are no closer to a home than we were when we began, we aren’t any less confused than we were when we started, infact, the only thing that has changed is the stress level of our household!

Just when we thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, it did!

The “realtor” finally returns our calls and emails, only for us to find out…The worst thing anyone could ever possibly hear, at the worst possible moment ever for it to happen!…..

Apparently someone has stolen my identity. Yes, you heard me right, MY IDENTITY!!!

Can you imagine?

You work hard at building your credit, you pay bills you can’t afford to pay, and eat shit you didn’t want or even like because you didn’t have money for anything else….then what happens? Some loser, some good-for nothing loser….who has probably already ruined their own credit, begins screwing with yours!!

Come to find out…. I, who have lived in only two houses my entire adult life, three including my parents home…..Have 14…. Count them….. 14 Evictions on my credit. (What?) (Not Possible!)

14 Evictions??

I have never been evicted from one place, let alone 14!

The crazy part?

Yea, all 14 evictions have appeared only in the past 6 months! Think about that for a moment!!! Do you realize, I would have had to get evicted more than twice a month to equal 14 in 6 months?! How the hell is that even possible? Is it even feasible?


So yet again, we have found another bump in the road to trip over… another rut in the street to fall in….. another detour sign along our way to stray us off our path and only created to get us lost!


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  1. Well, at least your identity was good enough to steal… I’d take it as a compliment (at this point my credit is so bad, the creditors are avoiding ME).

    Sorry about the rotten luck, love. Be sure to let us know how things play out. Of course, you could always move to Arkansas (hint. hint.).

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